Dancing around the flames of opportunity with a subtle splash of sportsmanship.

Circumstantially nothing less then Exceptional, Entering the game late stages to dominate proceedings, a Hail Mary in a halo and we never even thought to look at the skies for the answers, we’ve had our faces in the gutters for so long that we forget to check our pulses against the clocks  as we’ve been head down in our thirst for survival, 

Rip up the routines and replace them with this new paraphrasing of what we estimated to be no more then recycled content, but you play all this at an unusual beat and we find ourselves dancing under the crimson lights, the effortless flow of movement mimicking the shadows dancing amongst the flames,  

So let’s not douse this opportunity with the recollection of doubt, never retracing our footsteps as our feet will barely touch the ground, everything perceived as a lesson lost in time is now an experience of survivalists achieving something more then life,

So take my hand for one more night and guide me to the flames, as we watch time slowly burn as the moonlight starts to fade, You are like a sunrise to me, forever chasing the darkness away. 


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