Escaping your childhood is never easy but I’ll build a world to protect all of us branded by a touch invisible to the eyes of the unsuspecting.

*disclaimer this is possibly the hardest thing I’ve made the choice to write about, all my work is in some way a piece of autobiographical fiction so please take that into account if I’ve crossed any kind of line that it’s not meant to offend, it’s merely my honesty in effect. 

Tame the thoughts of the beast that spent a childhood haunting your dreams, because you did nothing more then live alongside the demons that would smile at the sun waiting for it to fall, and as darkness beckons you prayed for the safety of you own creations,

Bare the branding in the shape of the hands that were invisible to the eyes of those you held dear, as the marks would only ever sink into your skin and cause you to escape further into the realms of imagination and fantasy, a ragdoll to a wall only a mothers silence to break a fall, but I’ll always be more then the broken parts of your victim, 

Create these worlds in which you play to find a way to get through each and everyday, building words upon words to create the gates to a place you knew you could force an escape, when the demons that infect your dreams wear the face of the man that raised you who do you turn to for your own protection?

So now I’ll build words upon words to create a bridge so that we all have a place we know is safe, my demons have never found this place and I’ll watchover all that seek refuge in a world away from the dreams and reality’s we need to escape, We are all more then just the role of victims.


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