It’s hard to fall down when someone else’s gravitational pull makes you stand tall. 

Believe that a single twist of fate can shift the flow of gravity, As you find that you’ve fallen onto your feet and found the balance of this world has shifted while you covered your eyes with denial, What you anticipated as your decline was your ascention into another’s realm of possibility,

Don’t be too busy building tear stained statues and monuments that you fail to notice the sun and the moon taking shifts to try and coax you out from the darkness you think keeps you safe from the harm that is nothing more then a self inflicted reflect to a perceived rejection, 

But be sure to finish the last line of the very book you thought was somehow the last chapter to the chronicles of your existence, To be continued? is the fantasy that we sing to ourselves to soften the inevitable conclusion that we never have to finish writing our final epilogues of the stories we thought would define our lifetimes, 

But we know this pen would be nothing more then the gatekeeper of all the memories we stored of yesterday, filled with nothing more then the last remnants of ink that we find ourselves looking at from a new perspective to see that somehow it’s still full, 

Let us end as more then a pressed mark on an empty page, let us confine our story to the archives and file it under what made us who we are, Let gravity have its way and believe that the realms of possibility are forever evolving to fit alongside our narrative. 


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