What was once the catalyst at the heart of the machine has lost the tension that use to pull us clear of the misery.

Once again life stretched us to breaking point, I made the assumption our life was made of Elastic, but we moulded ourselves to a new shape, one that didn’t fit the mechanism we created to ensure our survival, 

She said we could bend but we would never  break, I’d have rather snapped then be represented by the outlines of the  misshapen, from the inside looking out at the horizons they always looked the same, but we never saw what the sky did when it looked back upon us trying to reconfigure this new shadow that had stained the world around us, 

We could have built a new machine, we could have deconstructed the blueprints we set forth to follow, but we’ve lost the tension to bounce back and from this point on all we knew was falling,

All that’s left is to break this down, use this new found adhesive to find something that sticks, pray that the tension and the terror doesn’t result in all of these newfound unrequited things coming undone, 

I thought I’d never bounce back but I’ll use these components that once served me best and utilise them with what you bring to the table, let’s make a compound that will not bend and will not break, that keeps its molecular integrity throughout the tension that binds us.

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