Staff at this hospital in your nightmares needed more then to be desired, they needed to be trained. 

You know it won’t be feasible for you to define your intelligence if you keep on repeating the same mistakes over and over, So you had the audacity to try and take out your heart and replace it with nothing more then a hollow existence, You’ve collapsed as you wondered what was next, if all thats to become is just meaningless progression,

Now we stop, we stand and we stare as they are setting you up on a makeshift table in the middle of your continuous nightmares, surgical gloves slipping onto their skeletal fingers as you haven’t feed those that counted on your appraisal since the day you found the brand new same old you, 

Watch as they try and find away to replace all the scars left not just from your own removal but from the touch of my hand when i so brazenly in the past made a grasp for your heart and left more then a mark in the vena cavas that once was an integral part of your daily existence, 

But in the end they did nothing more then sever the ventricles, all the ghosts of all the passengers that you so nonchalantly passed by, those that tried to get you to take notice now just stop to watch you bleeding out in vain, occasionally they might try to patch you up with all their cliches and half truths of what your life could have been, 

but all these people have ever seen is the diagrams for what pertains to your dreams not the broken down prototypes you once claimed as the lovers you so desperately wanted to make your life feel like it was whole again, the very next moment from wence you woke, all that still know you claim that you’ve never since been the same.  


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