I want to see the fires that you see when you look at me, not the fatalities I see when I do the same. 

You looked into my eyes and you swore you could see A fire that burns through me, I looked into the mirror and all I could see was the ruins and the remains that the past has left in their wake, You can sense the sorrow that tends to my wounded, So you pull me closer and whisper that i no longer have to face this world alone,

Focus on the changes that we can bring to my survival and forget about the factors that once was my definition of staying sane, I thought I’d built the walls of my ruins high enough to keep out of view of the ghosts and skeletons of the vengeful lovers that i used to claim, 

But Ive been willing to sacrifice my sanctity to save myself from a version of myself that hunts me, using the razorsharp edges of someone else’s blame, I always hide from the darkness that surrounds me so I ended up giving life to this demon that haunts me, I watch it from the shadows as it wanders around having chosen to wear my likeness as a face, 

But you’ve seen through the mask and you’ve torn down these walls and youve sheltered me from the threat of myself, I watch as the demon approaches and you stand face to face, you looked into his eyes and you swore you could see a fire that burns though, so you pull him closer and whisper ‘I’ve been searching for every single part of what makes you, you.”


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