I will never be your sword but if you let me I’d always be your armour. 

Recoil and quickly come to your senses, the Sting has penetrated through the layers that you have encased around your emotions, and the venom is slowly making you hallucinate that every little thing will eventually become a kink you embrace into your routine, 

Wake up and smell the desperation that is slowly becoming the scent that will remind us all of the days that you choice was to die instead of fight, You need to pack more then the dead weighted opinions you carry of yourself and start to see that you need to let someone else in, 

You bury yourself in the disfigured reflections that you knowingly had participate in your downfall, this mask you wear to confront the vigours of reality is slowly slipping and we’ve all started to witness the demons peering out from behind your blank stares, 

You’ve spent a lifetime denying your trust to the right people while Systemically tearing off and giving pieces of your self to the people that only care about the weight of flesh weighed upon their own scales of happiness while riding high on the fumes of their own selfishness,

Next time i knock I ask that you let me in, I’ll never pick up arms to battle the demons that reside within you but I’ll always be by your side to help you take back control, I know this will never be my fight, but next time i knock i ask that you let me in so I can wrap myself around you and give you the protection of a second skin.


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