Honesty drips upon the remnants of time slowly revealing a door from the past.

Recreate the act of fate and disappoint all the non-believers of the boundless possibilities that lead to this the prelude of our first kiss, take a swing as you’d rather miss then enter into the awkward scenarios that exist further down this timeline, where the doors of chance were painted over with a thinly masked layer of hope that one day this outcome would commence,

We wait patiently while dripping in honesty and disclosing the factual exchanges that culminated in this possibility transitioning into a conceptual reality, trying to maintain a sense of equilibrium entering into a unknown situation of curiosity and change,

The questioning of time being a prerequisite to a mindstate while systemically fighting for your own survival, a war of nutrition as we fight off the carnal desires that will inevitably became a mainstay in the words of this story that’s as yet unwritten.


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