We needed more then a necromancer and a cook, we needed a reason.

The awkward tension once culminated in our greatest masterpiece, but now the sun stalks the mountains before casting its shadow down as a dark path for us to follow, we awake and slowly shake off the night that had draped over and laid us all to rest, all the possibilities and the promises weigh heavily as we flicker through time searching for a purpose, 

Searching for another word for desperate as i watch hopelessly as the days stretch outwards slowly morphing into the years, potential is now floating lifeless in a stagnant stream of crushing disappointment, all the possibilities and the promises have crumbled under the weight of our uncompromised expectations, 

You left me with nothing more then the Flavorful bitterness of missed opportunities, lovingly concocted from the recipes of my own fruition, I left you with nothing more then the taste of dissatisfaction and the inability to raise yourself back to breath among the living. 

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