I once stopped dancing but I couldn’t appreciate the silence. 

We danced till we hit the Crescendo, the sound of panic escalates till the only thing we hear is the solitary thoughts that ring out bouncing off the whispers that surround the circumstances of why or when the music stopped, 

Akin to a story that I’ve repeated time after time, the metaphorical semblance of the beginning of a new soundtrack is another memory of this playlist of my life, Silence will always constitute the fear of being alone so I’ll always be searching for a rhythm to follow,

This autobiographical fiction that reflects upon the words of both the light and the dark is more then a saviour, a new found promise to never give in to the temptation of the dark but to listen and help not only myself but those that ask without words to be given a chance, 

I’ll never lay to rest the words that pulled me from the grave i thought I’d deserve but I’ll no longer be bound to the destruction that they seeked, I will slowly learn to dance past the crescendo and commit to the silence before the next song begins. 

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