Wash away our sins in the desert rain under a silhouette sky.

We reached the climax of the Finite resources we reserved in the event of such a situation, the lights of the sky slowly fold into a silhouette, as we watched carefully as the shadows performed a dissection among the realms of the living, 

This serendipitous destruction paints a picture as clear as it is purposeful, our lives that had clung to the decaying skin of all of yesterday’s promises have pressed the reset button so our sins will prove to be our undoing once again, 

The rivers that slowly became the deserts have once more beckoned the rains to cleanse the dirt off the bones of the fallen, the sands in which we once wrote our names awaiting a fresh sacrifice to enter itself into the layers of history that lay within even the smallest grain, 

We drained our world of the minerals we needed to survive, but we pass on to the next one with the knowledge of our downfall, we wear the scars of our mistakes as trophies from the hunt, this time more aware of the predators that live inside us still stalking the prey that is our emotional needs and desires.


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