Joint project: Working together while watching the words fall into place 

Title, “Abandoned Mist”

A collaborative poem with the amazingly talented Nitesh Mishra (


As my heaven burns in a motionless chaos,

Beaten by air and corroded by water,

Beyond sour blood, beneath the depths of agony,

Come and taste the dark,

the infinity within me.

Even though the time fades away,

Come and taste the mist,

The infinity within me.

A solitude that ascended to struggles of white days,

There is nothing but a trail of fleeting emptiness,

A rain of thoughts that rejected me with madness.

And with every subtle mouthful

I savour the flavour of our memories,

Their knowledge is the truth of our existence.

Through silence of scarce reasons,

Through a moment as black and

Withered as old iron,

I wander into a shadow,

Drowning in an abyss as your thoughts travel on.

Soft words full of reality,

The stale withered memories,

Beaten by air and corroded by water

drowned in tears alone.

Beyond sour blood, beneath the agony,

the facade of tattered ambiance,

Shall I weep?

Shall I fill rivers with tears?

Tell me, O lady of infinite roots,

Aren’t memories nothing but mist,

A mist misplaced?

Yet these clouds bring with them a sense of clarity,

A foreboding of the onset of a

Singular lonely snowfall that is paramount

To hiding the tracks of these empty roads.

Without light to navigate my intentions

I pray for nothing more then storms to surface,

For as sure as the lightning strikes

These moments it will guide me to the coastlines

That represent the memories

You once use to possess

I fear I’ve been abandoned,

Cast aside in your garden as

My words become nothing more

Then seedlings to conversation that may as well never existed,

Am I nothing more then the sustenance?

The Sustenance that is integral to your creation?

As the first of my tears drop

Your words warm the air around me,

My tears turn to mist,

As you call out to me,

“you are nothing more then the memories,

You seek in this cycle that binds us as one.”


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