Riding the coat tails of the positive momentum. 

Elevate the circumstances to correspond with the levels you wish to attain, break free of the shadows that have hidden the person you desire to be, forget to please those vacant faces that once upon a time were a fairytale, 

A new dawn, a new daybreak to gain momentum and feel the courage slowly replacing the fear that once flowed through your veins, replace the disappointment of the heart that aches with a penchant for change and a willingness to lead,

So reach for the stars and then throw down the ladder to the others in the gutter and bring together those we divided for our selfish own beliefs, Regret is nothing more then the art of looking backwards in a world that needs us forever pushing onwards, 

I’ve taken my once shattered remains and rebuilt this place that once housed all of my wanton needs, my heart that once felt deceased has picked up a beat and we begin this journey anew, my history deserves better then repeating.


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