Unification of the fallen as a preventative cure.

Educate the masses, take down the false prophets masquerading as the leaders of hope, bring about prosperity without profit and compassion without the compromise of self sustaining media coverage and personal agendas,

Rearrange our valuation away from the archetypes of skin and sexual preference, hold accountable those that account for the divide between the few and the many, put faith in the broken not a knife in their back, 

I’m sick of the psychopaths at the front of the packs leading the lost into rabbit holes and turning the restless to the relentless with propaganda designed at increasing profits over people, 

We are so much more then the disease of this planet that we all collectivly call home, so stop with these nuclear clocks and these arrogant bluffs and let’s extract out the venom so we can call forth a remedy before Mother Earth consists only of dirt. 


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