Hindsight is the mistress I want foresight to be. 

Like a bonfire on the peaks of mountains or atop of the highest spires I wanted the world to see the fire that I lit in the sky for you, but I created a smokescreen that cast a shadow over the horizon and now I’m choking on these clouds of grey, 

Hindsight to me she’s nothing more then the mistress of time, her existence only revealed in those Priceless moments that you look back and see time in bed with someone other then that moment you anticipated,

I want to cast off her shackles and free her of this disease, as it keeps eating away at the picture perfect memories I’ve installed in that fine layer of skin of the eyelids that show the projection of my subconscious dreams,

Foresight to me is the one that time needs to satisfy his cravings to cheat on these once perfect moments, no matter if i beg or I plead will he listen to me or will hindsight forever be replacing missed moments.


      • “Without light to navigate my intentions I pray for nothing more then storms to surface, for as sure as the lightning strikes these moments it will guide me to the coastlines that represent the memories you once use to possess”

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      • “I fear I’ve been abandoned, cast aside in your garden as my words become nothing more then seedlings to conversation that may as well never existed, am I nothing more then the sustenance that is integral to your creation? As the first of my tears drop her words warm the air around me, my tears turn to mist, she calls out to me, ‘you are nothing more then the memories you seek in this cycle that binds us as one'”

        I’d love to continue but i’ve stuff to do in the real world unfortunately but will have to without a doubt do this again, and if you wouldn’t to use it all and post it on your blog I’d be more then happy.

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