A game of dating simulations for the cynical.

Continue? A fade to nothingness, did we configure a fail safe if the initial test run was deemed unobtainable, one shot, it rings out falls to the ground, but we only smell the smoke without even a subtle hint of fire,

Ready player one? Confusion exists as this life surely used to be one deemed mainly as co-operative, remonstrated with a manual despite it being automatic, driven to a point of non-disclosure, information overflow without a subtle hint of binary code,  

Proceed to the next stage? Character selection purely based on aesthetic creation, make haste your digital selection amongst an identical collection separated by something as cynical as area code,

Reload your save? A persona of your own creation, subjected to your own personal information but choosing the wrong common denomination for which you will sell yourself, try to back track against a paywall that is designed to refute you,




  1. Mate, you generally make it too difficult for me to leave a comment. It’s a good thing as I end up in awe for quite a while and words like, “Wonderful post, Great, amazing,” they just seem insulting considering the level at which you write.

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