Can’t you taste the responsibility of every bullet you put in the chamber.

Critical mistake in the everyday search for the meaning in the mundane, justifying your reasons based on the intent of chance giving you what you’re inclined to think you desire, 

Fate is a manifestation of our destiny that we try to alter the narrative to give us the indication that the pathways we choose to walk are the ones that have always been preordained by the higher purpose that controls our freedom, 

Is it not easier to own our mistakes then to play this ritualistic game of russain roulette and then blame society for the hole in our head and the metallic taste on our lips that we just can’t fathom how it came to be, 

Take responsibility for the failure of your dreams if the universe didn’t provide you a with a sign when you clearly lacked the desire to learn how to read, Wake up and take notice of the world at your feet and take that gun out your mouth and start craving some self belief, 

Take ownership of this life that you lead and see the world as it can be, we are born with this debilitating disease that we’ve come to refer to as ‘greed’ and it’s the plague that has downsized a generation.


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