What’s in the box? Let me introduce you to my friends. 

Lust was the maker of this story and the beginning of the spiral that was a staircase I took the liberty of descending, A flame haired beauty that set fire to my desires and left me burnt out on the taste of vanity,

Gluttony she took a hold of me and it made me try and devour more then I could handle, an ever expanding waste of potential that become the overconsumption that resulted in the scales not tipping in our favour, 

Greed was me being tainted by cupidity and egois, I’d happily accumulate everything you have to give and then cry out for more of the same, I never gave it the space to grow I just stuffed everything hastily inside each other,

Sloth you see this wasn’t a reflection on me as I take solace that I’ll fail as hard as I try, but I’m willing to admit we were lovers in the end in a bed made of throw away dreams, 

Wrath is all these silent screams that have been plaguing me since all the questions have been left unanswered, so now I’ll  Memorize these for all of eternity as nothing more then stains upon my carpet,

Envy will always stand alongside me against all of those that stood against us, She always prods and provokes and uses sycophant jokes as she truely understands your life purpose,

Pride for me is knowing what it means to have been instrumental in your arrival, so for all of our sins since this tale begins just know that I’m routing for your survival. 

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