Make haste your escape with a map of the stars. 

Purgatory was more then just a story you heard amongst the ill gotten gains of the people who tried to carry the worlds on their backs, it was a morbid place you found yourself frequenting night after night barely alive, 

It was like the everyday encounters of this thing we call life but you envied the fact that the concept of time would only punish the living, Soon you’ll have found all the clues that you need to escape from this place and work your way back to the dreams or just the safety of your personal own nightmares, 

You want nothing more then to take a slice of these moments,  place it behind your eyes so whenever you inevitably look back it will always be what you see, so you Memorize the alliance of the moon and the stars as the catalyst to keep on achieving, 

So now whenever you lose the concept of time you do nothing more then just roll back your eyes, From inside your mind you look up to the sky and hope the break in this internal conflict is more then just fleeting. 

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