A Reflection in your scars shows how far you’ve come.

A world I created made entirely of mirrors so I can never avoid seeing the worth that I lack, It is nothing more then a reflective prison that was built with the tools of my own depression, I was so concerned with trying to see what others dismissed in me that I stopped seeing the life I used to lead,

We once thought all our worlds were flat so I decided to run to the end and throw myself off, instead I keep finding myself running in circles and eventually I caught up with my past, present and future,

So Today i hit the ground running and smashed the fabric that held together my self sustained reality, I was scared that I’d just keep falling but I’ve become Enamored by the possibilities of this brave new world I know I can create,

So ill create my own valleys and mountains my own oceans and streams but I know I’ll always carry these new reflective scars from the destruction that was integral to the past, we once all thought our worlds were flat. 

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