Sometimes even your own darkness wants you to have some light. 

Sitting round the dinner table cutting off pieces of my own dreams and ambitions just so I can keep feeding the demons more of my desires, this is become so much more then a war of nutrition and I don’t think Ive got a chance of winning,

Staring out of what’s left of these windows as I place another brick to try and stamp out the sun, the rays of hope used to be the fuel on which I’d base my survival but I’m now clouded with so much uncertainty that i feel safer in the dark, 

All those words from throughout a lifetime of I’ll never give up or let you down are just fading etches on the walls that are slowly closing in, people only hear the cries of the falling when the rope has something to offer them, 

In time even the demons are starting to get lonely as I’ve nothing left to offer them and they realised I’ve reached this point of no return all over again, What good is a host that has nothing to take, but there’s no Rhyme or reason for what happens next,

One by one they gather all those tricks and tools that conspired against me and lay me down on the stone cold floor and I’m preparing for their own final feast, but in the way that fate likes to always twist and turn somehow all that’s been done is the removal of the roof that stood above me,

I slowly open my eyes and am transfixed on all the lights that flicker from the stars, Hope sometimes isn’t from the places we expect it to be but as I lay there I knew I had to hold on, even with just a flicker of a chance who we are will always find its way home. 

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