When her porcelain skin stops the world from spinning.

Overriding the desires that accumulated when the policy on the door was look but not touch, when I believed that our friendship was the height of our adventures, a period of time when the fantasy was far beyond the crushing eventuality of reality, 

The first time I peeled off the surface of what I thought was a part of you I was intoxicated by the sheer fabrication of what you lead me to believe, by the time I realised that every night you covered your porcelain skin in another layer of denial I was hooked on the repetition,

One of the last times I tried to find a way in I was burnt by your ice cold skin, but it only  would seem that it only melted my needs to try and fathom a way to your unobtainable greeds and looking back now it gave me reason to believe that I clung to you far too long looking for some type of lifeline, 

Actions they say may speak louder then words but I’ve become deaf and blind and buried them deep in our reasonings, we both need to find a way out but I’m still stuck on this overwhelming repetition,

These once Magnetic tendencies ending up offerering us the opposite of attractions, what should have pulled us together repelled us apart, I always thought the world revolved around you so imagine my surprise when it stopped spinning. 


  1. This is as powerful as it is sad. We get stuck in routines that prevent us from faking the steps we need to take in order to find happiness. Complacency is not a substitute for love. I learned that the hard way.
    I will definitely be reading your other pieces.

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