I wasn’t mechanical when I met you but I don’t think I’m human now. 

Vindicate my faulty moods and harness my abilities to set your nightmares on fire, nothing more then a malnourished desire in a environment that couldn’t see past our narcissistic tendencies,

I tamed the saboteur that controlled your mechanical ways but the corruption ran deeper then the scalpel I wielded as an instrument of faith, a countdown to detonation was an inevitable as the sun falling out of the sky at the end of every night, 

The outlay of emotions that tethered my words to my thoughts is slowly diminishing, a mechanical numbness that fills the world with a sense of dread and foreboding is replacing the liquids that run through my veins,  

As I replaced your blood with my own in the hope to give you a second chance i somehow never got the chance to replenish my own, now I’m hollow with nothing but reverberations of a countdown that will be the onset of this final Homage.

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