You summoned me to fight my childhood fears without saying a word. 

Dignify the situation with more then the silence that hangs forever over the mountains of hope I once climbed for you, I would rather be cut down by your acid tongue then left out in the wildnerness to freeze in my despair while you live a life that erased every trace of my existence,

My selfish sense of purpose has me clambering for reasons that hang to the side of the palisades without due care, I never tasted the toxicity that now spreads through your veins until after you made me take this journey as your martyr, 

I want nothing more then to escape this treacherous place and ascend to higher ground, but I’m so lost and confused and somehow counted on you to help me fight against the monsters that are dressed up as abandonment,

So I find myself standing here and I’ll fight back against my childhood fears with a sword made from tears that have frozen to form a purpose,  

The only message that I want you to know was that for me this was always be worth it, So I’ll listen out for your words on the wind and pray that you help isn’t worthless. 


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