Covered in chalk and gunshot residue.

So I finally traced the smoking gun back to my door, I got so caught up in falling asleep in the chalk outline of the victim I Inhabit that it somehow escaped my attention that I was the mastermind of my own destruction,

Standing so far apart from the person that I used to be and so unaware of the path I traveled that I stalked my own existence waiting for an opportunity to lay myself at your feet with a weapon that I created from the insecurities that plagued my unfulfilled everyday desideratum,

Desperation was the the monster I created and you feed it so eloquently, It pains me that I needed you to set me free to realise the corruption that had taken hold of my soul, it sickens me to admit that I never had the courage to pull the trigger myself.


    • Thank you,
      I’ve learnt quite quickly that you need headline style titles to try and grab people’s attention and it’s always an interesting arrangement to try and find an image that will also add to the narrative.

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