I’ll eat all my dreams if you bite the bullet. 

I collected all my thoughts together, singled out and swallowed my Visceral dreams more times then I could recollect, I stored them in a metal gunshell that I kept under my lips, so every time we kissed you could taste the way you made me feel, 

You once bit the bullet and informed me to throw away any thoughts of us because there’s no coming back from where we’ve been, I fail to recall us ever taking a journey let alone finding a destination which you claim was nothing more then a dead end street,

You’ve been walking for so many miles in your own head, I prayed to any god that would listen to allow the words to fall from your lips so I had a chance to prepare our final rights, but your ears are full of the lies from all the times that you allowed them to be feed.

*artwork is by Dominique Antoinette.


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