Making an abacus with your web of deception.

A spider spinning a kaleidoscopic web of intrigue and deception, a Lurch at an inconvenient time will undo this trap that you so malicious planned, a fly on the wall oblivious to the fate of what’s yet to come,

Take pleasure in this Carnal delight and feast on the opportunities that present themselves gift wrapped in your warm embrace, thanking you for providing you with the sustenance to allow you to thrive, 

I’ve become unbound and this chemical nightmare that paralysed my inner monologue from telling me the truth has secreted out of my skin and filled the air with a distasteful odour,

I know you’ll crawl out of your skin and try this again but I’m armed with an abacus built with your web, and I’m counting my blessings with the disregarded truths that once weighed me down. 

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