Thank you & Goodnight to the taste that once captivated my existence.

Some days you just need to shed that tear that’s holding on to our last bastion of hope,  I stopped counting the seconds since I last thought about you and time has slowly started to recover from its fall,

I hate these bad days when the world reminds you of the happiness that once opened the gates to a better tomorrow before showing you why it was misery that locked it behind you unwilling to let you leave,

These words that have always fallen into place are starting to forget the shapes that bear a resemblance to the passing remarks we always used to make, I’m stuck in a Trance and it hurts that I’m finally getting over you,

I wish I could have held on forever, I wish I could digest every single piece of the hope, the heartache and the dreams we shared but time doesn’t share my fondness of this happily ever aftertaste.


  1. This is beautifully written. Definitely touches the corners of my mind of lost love and loved ones. I always look forward to reading your poetry because your words always speak to me. Thank you for saying this piece and keep up the awesome writing.

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    • Thank you,
      I’ve started to realise the closer to home the truth that I’m writing about is the more simplistic the wordplay is, so this one was one of the occasional ones that was from how I’m feeling more then the inspiration of the word prompt,
      And as for the resonating words I feel like these a few of us in this community that have had and are having similar battles and it’s such a nice feeling to know that not only are we not alone but we also have people such as yourself who are supportive, so thank you again, its means more then people sometimes realise how nice it is to be heard.

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      • I never really understood the idea of an “online community” until I started my blog and sharing my writings with others. I feel reading others writings and people reading mine we have an understanding of certain parts of each other more than anyone else in our outside world ever would. It’s truly touching and inspiring me to keep writing daily.

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