People in glass houses shouldn’t throw caution.

I tried to pick up and throw caution at the wind to try and destabilise the time of our ending, little did I realise you had built a house made of stone while I ended up making it rain shards in a home made entirely of the glass that encased the frailty of my heart,

I thought my words hung lifeless in the circumstances surrounding you, little did I know you would sharpen the ones that would pierce my resolve and with the spilling of my blood create the picture of our demise,  

Wrap up my body in the token gestures and cliches that roll off your tired tongue but I won’t let you Unfurl me in the back of the ambulance as we can’t be pronounced dead on arrival if we never arrive at the destination you are taking me,

The consequence of the consequences sequential to the compromises we kept digging up from their graveyard to keep ourselves alive, I tried to fight to keep some of that pride I so carelessly tossed aside.


    • Thank you for the kind words,
      I decided to do an Instagram of everything here as I don’t know anyone personally that uses wordpress so i thought I’d give my friends an alternative (and easier) way to keep track of my writing,
      And ill check out both your blog and Instagram accounts.

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