Victim of your past. 

A grainy photograph is the only burden of proof that you’ve existed, a life wasted on the wrong guys at the wrong time and a story that is buried alongside all the other memories I’m so desperate to extract,

You had given up on me before life had even formulated a plan, are my weaknesses the same that corrupted you? If you left to save me then I hope there’s a part of you I can find, because my life is becoming so much harder to understand,

People say ‘you are your mothers son’ but she always denied she had one and I’ve been hiding in the shadows ever since, I hope before you passed that we could have crossed paths and let you know I’ve always loved you,

We are the abandoned, the bruised and the broken, we are the people that forgot to carry hope, but I hope somewhere in your stories you’ve left me something to grasp, for now i have a child of my own and I’m too scared to become the victim of your past. 

(*image is by Bulgarian photographer Arslan Ahmedov.)



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