Icarus, the inner circle and me.

My body aches since the day you stepped on and away from me, I decided to take this needle and thread and sew my intentions shut, I always wished that I had the ability to help you find your wings but I never thought you would use them to fly straight to the sun,

I feel like a voyeur when I once felt like a king, I once had this panoramic view of your empire but now I’ve only the selected snapshots you share with the rest of us mortals,

I hope that your inner circle elevates you to the heights I was willing to take you, but I hope you don’t push them down when that moment comes, I hope that the sadness that I can sense emanating from you is just a phase you need to keep on heading skywards,

But know that if the day comes when your wings transpire and you feel yourself trapped and alone that I always promised I would find you, I would make this same mistake each day over in the hope you one day become the person you always wanted to be.



    • Thank you,
      I’ll always help anyone that’s been a big part of my life be it an ex-partner or a former friend, I’ve never understood how people can be so cold to someone with him there shared so much (of course within reason as I know certain circumstances render a different outlook)
      But I’ll always treat people how I want to be treated regardless how I’m treated in return.

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