Broken puzzles fragment in time. 

Pick up the pieces of this jigsaw puzzle that we crudely made fit, everyone always said we were perfect together unaware that we manipulated everything to fit,

Organised this mess of a romance into a series of events that made us better people while driving us away from the common ground we once classified as home,

The surface of the ocean never reveals the currents running underneath and we both got swept in different directions, neither of us regret the consequences of the actions but i for one stumbled at the fallout, 

And as our lives settle into this everyday routine I find fragments of broken puzzles occasionally remind me of yesterday, there’s still so much time till my future has distanced itself from our past, 

If we rearranged the fragments would we ever be able to finish our piece? As time corrodes this bitterness has it diluted the memories to only taste the good, as I feast upon my loneliness that’s both misguided and misunderstood. 



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