Indulge your senses and swallow your pride.

A taste that lingers on my lips, an evocative trigger that straightens my confusion into a linear corridor that propels me into an open room full of last gasp chances and one more times,

A sensation that not only stops my head from spinning but grinds the axis of the world we created to a standstill, in between the sound of my heartbeat I see everything before the blood flows back through my veins and we spiral back into normality,

A morsel of a chance of this fictional romance that was once dripping in facts, I owe you nothing but I can’t turn away from the semblance of a moment that is nothing more then a droplet of hope in an ocean of never again, 

This pride that you’ll never swallow is the elephant in the room and my words don’t have the weight to carry themselves to an uncaring destination, but I’ll countdown the days till I’ll serve myself to you again in the hope that you’ll someday awaken.


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