Riding the emotional carousel until you’re okay again. 

I am nothing more then a child of a broken home and of a shattered perspective, a destiny that has succumb to a misguided hand that struck fear into a meagre child,

I cut the words deep to contain the darkness that swirls around my mind and tries to incubate my thoughts to never awaken, the truth that so many fear will stop my pathway to just one more tomorrow,

I’ve loved and I’ve lost more times then i dare to remember and I’ve given up a part of me every single time, and when I convince myself that I’ve healed the seams that binded me back together i see that I’ve sealed myself shut with an infestation inside, 

Even the gifts that the world has bestowed on me have a piece of my fractured story tied into their binds, an Autistic offspring without a penchant for love, an embodiment of the abandonment wrapped up in the perfect reflection of my younger self,

Lost and alone between the warring worlds of the gods and demons that fight inside me, always straying from the dark to the light, these words are my witness and the the testament to this fight, I stain this page with the tears and truth of someone with nothing left to hide. 



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