Devils in the details.

I woke up intoxicatingly seduced by the memories playing out in my subconscious, I stumbled untill I found the crossroads, the devils in the details as I bargain for more then indecision,

I have nothing to offer you other then these words of emptiness and sorrow as I try and sell you the dream of what could be, I’m nothing more then the pen and the clothes on my back and the devil never settled with pity,

He asked for my desires and I respond without a sound, caught up in these impetuous scenarios that I have no recollection of what it is I seek, what I had as a purpose is rendered obsolete, a carousel in an abandoned fairground,

A parchment made for a contract and a quill I’ll use to write it, the devils in the details so I offered him my soul but he knew you already owned it, I offered him my hand but he said he has no use for a broken man.

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