Plagiarism never sounded so sweet. 

We ambled alongside the flowing circumstance of change and I knew it was time to regale the points I’d been rehearsing for days, An internal conversation transpired into a farewell speech,

You make me come,

running to you without hesitation, acting on blind faith and misguided intuition, an instantaneous response in any given situation, you always give me silence I always gave you servitude, 

You make me complete,

Nothing is impossible when acting in unison, a partnership working in perfect symmetry, a blend of depression and uncertainty concocted a formula of aspiration and intention, 

You make me completely miserable,

The small fluctuations in our symmetrical design resulted in two artists with different pictures, I cling to my paintbrush but with every stroke I descend further away from my desires, longing for a blank canvas. 


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