Light upon the brooks and broken streams.

A shimmer of light in the darkness of my thoughts, the rare moment that the grey skies clear away and I see my surroundings exactly how I should, these briefs moments serve as a testament for my survival,

Bitter and broken or lost and confused seem to be the colour of my moods that paint over the sky that allows the light in, I used to live underground before you allowed the seduction of society to exhilarate me,

You showed me what is was to live and survive before you realised that by devouring everything I am you could ascend to a higher purpose, you’ve always looked so fetching on your pedestal carved into the mountain of broken hearts, minds and promises,

And from the brooks and broken streams that form the canyon of the betrayed I attempt another climb up the mountains you left for me, I don’t want to just look up and see the stars I want to be a part of them,

My dreams weren’t created solely to feed into your egotistical desires of using me as your step ladder to greatness, a part of me acknowledged what I could do for someone else was a possibility i could do for myself, I search and forage for the confidence you buried in the hole I climbed out of,

That shimmer of light is the hope that guides me, that part of me that will always survive, when the sky cracked I thought I was down and out but I’m searching for something that’s greater then the both of us and in time I’ll own the place where you left me.


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