You don’t always need happiness to give you hope.

The emptiness of the bathroom cabinet empathises with the silence of those four walls, this place was an empire, a fortress we built to keep out the soulless vacuum of the 9 till 5, 

Our dreams and fantasys both in and out of the sheets have done nothing but stain this apartment with the lives we made for each other, the city she kidnapped you while I hide waiting for someone other then me to save us, 

You took everything from us and at that point you took everything from me, but what I didn’t know was that I’d deceived everyone including the ones I had once ment to share with it all,

I found myself alive and alone cowering in the back of my mind, a shrivelled up mess of a person but one that still had the faintest heartbeat, one that still had a chance, 

I’ll fill these four walls with noise, it doesn’t have to be happiness for it to be hope, the last person I expected to see save me was me.


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