Your silence is deafening. 

A rose tinted high in a world full of substandard colours and I assumed we was better then the dreams we made our horizons,

Every day of silence that you scream in my face is another nail in the coffin of what we had, I always dreamed that we would raise ourselves from the underground but I no longer know what’s buried deeper out of the love I have for you or the false pretence that I’m okay,

I fell in love with every one of my whims and fantasy that you reflected straight back at me, a succubus in sheeps clothing and I walked myself to the gallows with the biggest smile,

Time is ment to be the healer but in my distorted view of reality it’s the house dealer and I’m drowning in the perceived debt that I owe you, somehow this was always my mistake to choose,

The memories of the wise cracking youth of yesterday has been replaced with the bittnerness of the taste of your upheavel,  barely a word leaves you lips that is aimed in my direction as my ears wait for anything resembling a moment,

Your coffin once was made of wood is now encased in metal, the silence again is neither friend or foe and the gallows waits for its next occasion, as I curse the bitterness of this substandard taste. 


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