You give me heart attacks…

Mesmerised by every single curve that runs across your flawless form, by a mind that creates wonderment in a land full of barren wastes,

Every look you shoot a look at me I’m left breathing without oxygen and my heart has palpitations that stop me dead in my tracks, you’ve always given me heart attacks and I’ve always come undone,

The aroma of who you are leaves me euphorically blind and I’m nothing more then blindly lead on by the desire to somehow make you a part of who I am,

I want nothing more then our bodies to entwine, for us to create a legacy of memories to ride like waves into the future,  your perfect imperfections are a stimulus to my soul, 

Everyday you pass me by my inner voice tries to coerce me to have the courage to speak out, but the dry words that leave my lips are simple gratitude, you give me heart attacks…


One comment

  1. Intense!! Isn’t it amazing how just by looking at someone directly in the eyes can pull us in? Make us strive for more. It only happens when we are crazy attracted to someone , but boy are there sparks!! Chemistry is a real thing between two people. Especially with lust. Very good read, short but filled with details. 🙂👌🏻


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