Never Tattoo a memory on an eyelid. 

Thoughts that have been buzzing around my head for days, the nights are never ending because every time I dream you always decide to steal the show,

I feel like I’ve tattooed the inside of my eyelids with a portrait of you at your finest and even when I blink I’m reminded that however much I tell myself otherwise that version of you at one point was reality,

The taste of you still lingers on everyone i kiss, to get over by under is a myth that I keep on proving true, searching for the smallest piece of who you are in everyone that I meet, 

Time is the healer but it’s also the pest that keeps on nicking away at me when I try to force myself on, every avenue and alleyway I try to descend down leads me back to your bricked up door, 

I tell myself a few more weeks and I’ll be fine then I close my eyes and once again come face to face with your portrait, but even if I escape for just an extra second a day I know one day I’ll close my eyes and be embraced by nothing. 



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