Pariah in the pursuit of purity.

A personal interpretation of how deep this goes causes reverberations around everything we think we understand, everyone’s well runs at a different depth and to judge people by our own is often fallacy,

So before we counteract against moves and motives we misconstruct as an attempt to make us believe that what we should give is exactly that what we should receive, take that breath and remember a selfless act should be exactly that,

No validation needed otherwise this pursuit of purity makes you the pariah of the truths you believe you are making, to judge someone for not giving back to you is you expecting back something even when it’s something as simple as gratitude, 

The uniqueness that personifies the exact people we are should shine regardless of the acts of those that surround us, to meet darkness with darkness only serves to keep all of us without light,

That’s not to say you should always give without receiving, but to never give incase you never receive is giving a false prophecy of the person you would claim to be. 



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