Stand too close to a Phoenix and you are gonna get burnt.

Refine the points over and over untill the nonsensical becomes the normality, reset the reality till this Groundhog Day truely changes its nature,

Every moment that passes i get to grips with how the story was ment to be written and I understand now the hidden context that resulted in me getting burned by being in too close a proximity to the Phoenix you became,

I was never the protagonist I was always the gateway and it needed me to finally look through to see this, Tearing myself apart was never the answer to the questions that you hadn’t even thought of asking me,

Your intrinsically a part of my past, present and future and I’m gonna swallow all of my venom to make sure I never give you anything less then that benchmark of perfection that I hopefully engrained on your life,

You were never mine but then no-one ever is a possession of anyone else but a player in the game and a consequence of the occasional mistake that can reverbate destruction across all our paths,

I hope for you that you continue to soar and learn from the mistakes that we encountered on our journeys, I hope I never see you again untill the point we are ment to meet again if there even exists such a place in our lives that we can learn from each other again, 

We will stay hidden as our journeys take us wherever it is we are ment to go but have faith that the moment we find ourselves face to face once again everything I have for you will resonate once more, it was never a love that was ment to last through the ages but a love to give us both the strength to achieve. 


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