A Perfect Infusion. (And a different perspective) 

Endless combinations and variations that fuse when the water seduces the leaves that wait longingly in the bottom of this vessel, waiting for the infusion to serenade our senses as time slowly ticks by,

In the 3-5 minutes it takes the world around us will change and evolve, life and death, love and loss, and a myriad of possibilities that were once someone’s dreams will become someone’s reality,

We look out of the window at the garden we cultivated for the children we will one day have, and we both catch each other half smiling, the silence between us is one of beauty and wanderlust,

The fragrance slowly fills the room as I sense your hand slowly and firmly grasping mine, its these moments that define us, when the world around us slows to a crawl,

I’ll pull you close towards me untill your lips slowly touch mine and for a brief moment time itself will stopped to let us have this brief but infinite embrace.


  1. I’m definitely Lapsang Souchong, and My Beloved Sandra’s an Oolong sort of girl; but somehow we come together like this, too. Well done & thanks for sharing the moment.


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