From the moment I wake….

A gap in the blinds of the skylight that adornes the sloping roof of the room that we once called home illuminates a space that you would have once frequented,

Everyday I’ve slept since that space reserved for you has been left vacant is a testament to how much you once was part of this frailty we call life,

My eyes barely flicker open and I see a silhouette that is reminiscent of you but it’s nothing more then a fleeting shadow dancing across the pale white walls,

My senses forever finding pieces of you, the fragrance of your favourite candles still cling to this room as tightly as I cling to the times that have passed us both by,

The mornings have never been the same without you, the sunlight wakes me gently but it’s warm touch pales in comparison to your own.


One comment

  1. I have been through a similar loss of someone very close and I can relate to every word you wrote.
    This won’t suffice your pain, but just a quick reminder, there is so much awaiting ahead. Once you step into the future, you’ll feel the pain slowly fade. And at a particular time you’ll have a control over what you’re thinking.
    I wish you luck and happiness.
    Loved this post ♡


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