Riding the sound waves across oceans apart. 

We hit the same notes at the same time and the world around us came to its knees, we controlled our own destinies and rode off together with our strides in perfect unison,
Young love galloping out into the future, with every possibility and every eventuality we see what it is we want to build together,

We remodelled our world to create a perfect harmony, a lullaby that would resonate forever onwards and be the fuel that would propel us to greatness,

A power so great we could terraform the plains around us to create oceans and mountains, instead we created a world between us and we never stood a chance,

The song still echoes from across the lands, a feint hope in a desert of broken dreams and promises, the same notes but a few seconds out of time.

(Image is 5 cms per second, a film by Makato Shinkai and my other inspiration for this) 


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