Lollipops and Mountain tops.

Following your footprints in the snow, across the mountaintops of uncertainty, unaware if beyond the limited visibility in front of me if anything still stands, 

Disorientation was my new compass and I followed her blindly, the jagged rocks peircing the falling snow reminds me how fragile I’d become,
A sweet for sustenance, nothing more then the cruel irony of leaving me wanting more then what it provides, the perfect metaphor for everything around me, 

The pathways may have been walked on before but I felt like I was the first person to  discover what you tried to keep hidden, you was my Everest and I’d keep on climbing, 

Your footprints would always appear in front of me at the moment that desperation would force me to finally succumb, I hear the echoes of the opinions of those that surrounded me that you no longer lived here, 

but I knew in my heart of hearts that you was as scarce as you’d been for months now, I venture forth with a hope that even if your not discovered I will find something to finish this journey,

A climb we started together and I’d finish alone, I’m hoping a fragment of you still exists that I can cling to at night, when the whiteness turns to darkness and the memories start to fade.



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