Pruetopia (a Real life fairytale) 

*This isn’t really much at this point in time, currently mulling over the idea of writing a Children’s adventure book based on what was created in the real world and still exists to this day*

We created this kingdom so we could make anything possible, a fantasy realm where wonders could thrive without limitations, a King, a Queen, a Jester and a Knight, and then we had a Prince and Princess fit to grace any castle,
The King, the creator cut through this sometimes harsh reality and built the foundations on which we could believe that life was fair, and possibilities were endless,

A Castle high above filled with adventures and stories and a sanctuary made for the preservation of naivety and wonderment,

The Queen, who’s beauty and grace was only surpassed by her ability to keep everyone safe, the King may have been the architect but the Queen was the lifeblood of the kingdom, 

Her multicolour hair changing as frequently as the seasons, but her valor in the face of adversity gave everyone the stability to survive,

The Jester, an Irishman with a penchant for weaving a tale and for always being able to help the sternest person crack a smile,

The Knight, He once was just an inflatable pig that sat idle in the land of the lost toys but was awoken one day by the princess, dubbed Sir Percival the brave, he would go on to oversee and protect the young prince and princess.

The Prince, a child without words but a heart as big as the kingdom itself, a smile to melt a thousand hearts and an appetite of a small army, an element of chaos and the ability to make you laugh at the things you really shouldn’t be laughing at,

The Princess, while the King may have been the architect she was the inspiration, a child with enough wonder and imagination to fill any kingdom, the gift to see the good in just about everyone, and the ability to bring to life any situation (and inanimate objects) 

*For the time being this is currently in idea mode but would appreciate any feedback/advice*

(Image is from Laputa Castle in the sky by studio ghibli) 

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