Entwined while we keep ourselves alive.

You devoured the anticipation of what was next, we blossomed amongst the decaying backdrop of what would eventually be our misinformed truth,

Two vines in a bed of roses, twisted and contorted around each other, gasping for air whilst trying to free ourselves from the repetition that kept us at bay,

We kept each other alive whist the world around us perished, we kept each other strong when the winds would try to relinquish our grip, 

We kept each other safe while the storm would mask the tears that would slowly travel down the contours of our once false smile, we kept each other sane when the insanity started to flourish, 

We kept each other until the moment we knew would be our last, We kept our love till the moment we couldn’t love each other  anymore,

Then we kept watch on each other as the flow of time started to pass, We kept watch on each other as the other persons worlds started anew, We kept watch on each other as the guardians of each other’s hearts, still tangled but pushing apart.



  1. Most of the things I’ve written on this blog are a form of free verse poetry that I use in an almost auto biographical way, taking inspiration from the daily prompts (via the daily post and it’s a word a day that is given mainly for the purpose of inspiration) to try to give me some form of direction, I’m just an individual trying to articulate emotional imagery whist systematically trying to find my place in the world again, It’s both humbling and inspiring that you’ve found it helpful.


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