Words without comprehension and a Room without a key.

So many words fail to meet their target, your confused bartering only leads to disorienting the once cohesive approach you practised for hours,

This is no longer a spar against your withered reflection, this is a fight against everything you once held close, but nothing could prepare you for the backlash of silence,

Every word you utter dissipates before it’s even understood, every line of the perfectly scripted draft that was ment to save you has been left imprinted on you tear and sweat stained hands, you can’t converse with nothingness,

Two lovers standing as strangers, one with a heart made of stone, the others straining under the weight of what was to be, the story ends not with a bang but a whimper,

For one the Fight ended a long time ago, for the other had only just opened his eyes to see that he was alone, not just in this conversation, but in an empty room that was once built for two.



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